So much goes into the planning, the feel and the look of a bedroom. It’s an exciting venture and most want to fill it with creative comforts—starting with exquisite linens!
Really, the beginning is in the selection of your mattress. Then there are the mattress covers, mattress pads and feather beds to consider – all good additions.
Ultimately, we get to the sheets. Here, we turn to the idea of resort living. It’s trying to bring home the experience of a comfy bed at a luxury hotel.

Our Setting the Bed Tips:

Oversized flat sheets are the key—flat sheets stays tauter than fitted sheets when tucked with ‘hospital corners’. First, line up the extra long top sheet with the head of the bed, making sure the edges hang neatly and evenly around the sides and foot of the bed. Next, tuck in the end of the sheet parallel to the foot of the bed. Ensure it lies smoothly between the mattress and the bed frame or box spring for the tightest results. At this point, pull the sheet at the side of the foot of the bed so it wraps around the corner of the mattress and the edge hangs vertically. Tuck in the bottom drape, then carefully fold the top edge over the side while holding the corner in place. This should create a fold at a 45 degree angle to the top of the mattress. Make certain the edge is taut before tucking it in underneath the mattress. Smoothly tuck in the rest of this side proceeding from the foot to the head to ensure evenness. As you tuck in the sheet, smooth out any wrinkles that may form on the top of the bed. Repeat on the other side of the bed for perfect hospital corners.

For a classic look, line up your coverlet six to 12 inches below your top sheet and fold it with the sheet to create hospital corners. Before tucking in the sides, fold the sheet at the top of the bed over the top edge of your coverlet for an inviting appearance. If you use a duvet, fold it in thirds at the foot of the bed to give a fluffy presentation and make it easy to pull up at night. Alternatively, use a duvet in place of the coverlet
The key to pillowcases is to make sure they are extra-long. Make an envelope fold around the pillow to prevent exposure to the bare pillow. When layering pillows, put firmer pillows behind, and softer pillows up front, fluffing them up for an inviting appearance.

More pillows (in differing rows & heights) at the top of your bed are a preference; and a second comforter, coverlet, quilt or throw at the foot of the bed is another option.
Mix-and-match looks are very popular in bedding. When in doubt, match the flat sheet to the standard pillowcases and the comforter or the duvet cover to the shams (European shams add a more complete ensemble). The fitted sheet doesn’t necessarily have to match the flat sheet. You can match the fitted sheets to a color in your sham selection and voile`- you have mix-and-match.