A world without soft, fresh, billowy sheets is unimaginable. That’s what we think here at NUF Enterprises Limited. We offer a variety of luxurious bedroom sheets that mark the beginning of design and comfort for this very special room.

Our sheets are manufactured at our textile unit in Pakistan. Although our mill has been supplying vendors for generations, we established our United Kingdom wholesale brand in 2013 to become the fresh face within the home textile industry. Advanced air-jet weaving is the key to the quality of our production. We boast in-house sizing, warping and strict quality standards so that our customers can rest at ease that their purchase will fit well and endure.

That leads us to the NUF Enterprises difference—sheet savvy; that is, luxurious and lasting qualities that ultimately are both affordable and beautiful. Simply put, we desire to make elegant bedding easy by creating stylish sheets (and now with new bedding selections) that everyone and anyone can envision in their own bedroom. We love lasting fabrics, stitching and finishes that give distinct style to create bedding fashion and the most comfortable and inviting bed. It’s in the details.

We have often said that what customers want to know are the bedding basics. With that, you’ll find that we spend time on our website on how to achieve the ultimate bed.

The NUF Enterprises brand and products will lavish and inspire. It is our sincere hope that our products become a staple in your bedroom because you love the way they look, feel, and offer affordable luxury!